Saturday, July 31, 2010

Splash Pad Fun in Little Rock

Down Town Little Rock as an awesome park that they've created over the past few years. This year they have opened up a Splash Pad for everyone and it is free for the public to use! We ventured down there this morning before it was to hot to go outside and the kids had a BALL!!!

Addeline stood up for the first time today, holding onto nothing! After the first time she really felt like a big girl, and was standing up over and over again!!! This made mommy a little nervous but apparently Dorian was the girl I should have been more worried about!

Dorian was having so much fun running around in the water that she hurt herself pretty bad. She came over to Daddy and Myself when we were getting Addeline ready for the water fun and slipped on a bench. She fell on the concrete pretty hard bruising her face and legs up. I felt so bad for her it made me almost cry. It was like the fun was taken right out of her morning :( But after a couple minutes she regained energy and went back at it. There was no signs of any concussions or any need for stitches just really stinks that it happened! So pictures are cancelled for her 2nd birthday and I will reschedule when I take Addeline next month for her 1 year photos.

After wards there was a farmers market going on in the same park so we stopped and bought some fresh fruit and tomato's...YUMMY!!!

All in all a great morning...I am taking the good with the bad!


Breeda said...

Cute blog!!
I found you by searching "Splash Pad in Little Rock" I was hoping they had one! I am in Mayflower.
Your's is the only mention of it (that I cansee) Where is it in Little Rock? I would love to take my kids out there...and is it free?

Thanks :)

lyss23 said...

thanks! sorry I am just getting back to you...I didn't realize I had a comment on here! ha ha Yes, it is located in Down town Little Rock...along the river. You can get to it by parking next to the Peabody hotel! Totally Free and let me say AWESOME!!! It open from memorial day to labor day,maybe you'll cath it next year!